Kuih Buhulu

Making more snacks for CNY and these tiny cakes are basically Chinese Madeleines. Kuih Bahulu Also known as 鸡蛋糕 (literally Cake with eggs) 5 eggs (large)150 g flour180 g sugar1/4 tsp baking powder (or 3 tsp soda water)1 tsp vanilla paste (optional)1 pinch salt Sieve and bake flour in the…


Day 24

With everyone posting pictures of the CNY bakes. I am very very tempted. ? Bad thing is ... make already no one eats. What have I been up to... Community work. ? Yesterday, i and the boys went to Caritas to do spring cleaning. Together with the other mummies, we had to clean all the [...]


Hi! It’s me…

Jan 2019 I am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have another 10 months to go before going back to being an engineer. I am happily married to my better half TH. We met in 2003, dated for 10 years and decided to tie the knot in…


What is… what…

Finally we got this site up and running again. It's not perfect yet, so be prepared to expect changes from time to time. Me? I just want to share my random ramblings, my few cents of views, opinions etc. (which can or cannot be taken seriously) And also a place…


Day 22

Another chance for mala Xiang guo. This brand is much much better I have never eaten it in Singapore before. I assumed it’s like this. It’s not vegetarian... just that we like to have more Veg. I kept a portion of Aubergine and zucchini for this and the other portion for green curry. Finally, we [...]


Balloon hovercraft

As I was watching Big Bang theory on the new episode of Prof. Proton, I thought this science experiment would interest big J for sure. So today, we tried to remake it. You need: 1 balloon 1 bottle cap 1 CD Rom (this dinosaur is hard to find) Hot glue…


Day 21

Source: let’s play all day My dream children’s room... You don’t wanna see my living room coz it’s no where near that... Sometime last week, my boss stopped by before heading to Munich airport. I work for him for 10 years. He trained me well. He is in general a very nice person with super [...]


Expressing our feelings

Big J is having some problem with expressing himself or rather I notice his frustration and “anger” when he tries to talk to me.

To date he is 4years and 3 months old and also currently in this “you are not my friend phase”.

I went to our mini library and took out “the feelings book” and started looking for other materials to walk him through this difficult time.




Not sure what to do this holiday??? Check this out! Education.com I try to engage J in various learning methods, usually according to his current interest/mood. Currently, it’s numbers including addition, and subtraction. I asked my trusted bestie Google for printables, how to interest him in numbers, etc. Then I…