Years in Germany

I am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have another 10 months to go before going back to being an engineer. We are currently residing in Bavaria, Germany. TH works in Munich, I work from home, and that is how we moved to Bayern.

I love doing activities with my children and thus I am always looking for inspirations online and free resources that I can use or recreate at home.

Since we are not living in Asia. We do not have the stress to ensure our children excel. My goal is for them to enjoy learning by playing and hoping that they will pick up something during that 15-30 mins of play.

This basically summarized US. I hope you enjoy reading…

Also check this post for an introduction of this blog.


– Claire

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Jan 2019 I am currently a full time stay at home mom. I have another 10 months to go before going back to being an engineer. I am happily married to my better half TH. We met in 2003, dated for 10 years and decided to tie the knot in 2014. We have 2 wonderful, […]


Winter has never been kind to me ever since I have children. It just seems to get worst… or maybe not. The boys have been getting sick really often. Jonas hasn’t barely recover from his runny nose, and yet caught another cough bug. Then it’s Julius’s turn. And back to TH and this it goes


1.5 years went by just like that. And this November… I started working again. 20hours, 2 kids, classes, play dates…. lots on the plate to juggle. I wasn’t feeling very well this week. I couldn’t cope… I am swimming in all the tasks, work, travel etc. I am rushing… and only rushing around like a


It is not a secret that we have been looking for a new home. For the last few years we have started looking for one. It is not an easy process. The prices are super high at the moment. Interest is low thus many people like us are also looking for one. We are also


2 weeks ago, lil J told TH ” papa, eh eh…” TH wasn’t sure if he heard wrongly or not. Quickly brought him to the toilet and put him on top of the potty. And indeed… Freshly baked, it laid there… Lots of praises, cheering and claps for the first gold in the pot. Looking


#psa This year education.com, is giving away $9,000 to kids and their schools or libraries, and if you are interested, please read up https://www.education.com/contests/ for more information!!! #goodthingsmustshare


Time flies… and this time it feels even faster. TH is away for a conference in San Diego so we pre celebrated J’s bday. I just given birth to him like yesterday and now he is 1. Jojo is a slow crawler. He started crawling only after Easter. And now he is like a F1


Day 3- Easter Sunday The Easter bunny came and hid a lot of Easter eggs around the apartment. Huge basket full of chocolate was found by big J. Lil J wasn’t mobile yet but he got his share as well. Breakfast: cold udon with daishi soup The adults got the painted Easter eggs for breakfast


May 2019 marks me working 10 years for the company. It has been an emotional ride at the beginning as I vividly recall the day I left. The thought of moving away from TH to somewhere new for the first time. “Far away” (300km + apart). I was so dependent on TH. Language wise, food


Warning: really long post! I’m sitting behind so M can sit in front. Day 1 Check in is after 2pm, so we depart at 0930, pick up M at Regensburg 1015 and drove to somewhere in Austria for lunch and grocery. 1430 arrived at Lipno Check in and R&R Inspect room… do up the beds


Not sure what to do this holiday??? Check this out!

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