Lipno Marina part 2

Day 3- Easter Sunday

The Easter bunny came and hid a lot of Easter eggs around the apartment.

Huge basket full of chocolate was found by big J. Lil J wasn’t mobile yet but he got his share as well.

Breakfast: cold udon with daishi soup

The adults got the painted Easter eggs for breakfast too. (Someone has to eat the painted eggs)

With our usual tea, we had honey cake for breakfast too. It’s really delicious.

Around 930am, we left for the bob ride. It’s a 10 mins walk/ hike.

There are 2 types of sledging… the orange one (front) which is connected to the rails. And the black one (behind) isn’t.

Each ride is about 2€ which is about 50% cheaper as compared to in Germany. We bought a 12x tickets. The good thing is if you have small child like Big J, you can carry him and use one ticket. In Germany, there is children pricing and they need to pay for the entry. Here they don’t.

Lil J is too young to ride so we took turns. Until I flew out of the tube with big J.

It was pretty bad. Big J had scratches on his face and it’s really near to his eye. I have super bad abrasion on my chin and neck, my wrist, my jacket tore. And all the feathers flew out while going downhill. So imagine we arrived at the end with feathers floating around us. As if we battled some chicken along the way.

After the 12 rides, we walked back to the apartment and then went for our next adventure.

At the devil’s trail. A simple hike only. But it’s really amazing. Nature is a wonderful thing.

After the short hike, we drove to CK. Cesky krumlov, an unesco heritage city. We came here 2 years ago with my parents. It’s a pretty city which I highly recommend it.

there was a small Easter market as well and this really old skool carousel, where big J had a ride on it.

We also had lunch at the brewery where the food is very yummy and cheap. Then we dropped M at the bus stop where he took a bus to Prague then back to Fra to surprise A, the gf who is arriving back from NYC.

It’s only a 30 mins drive and we are back in the apartment. Where the kids are fed, clean and up in bed.

Day 4- last day

After breakfast and some pack up, we check out before 10am.

One last spot to visit before we head the roads.

The dam.

A bit of education talk for Big J. Explaining to him why and how.

The turbine that turns to produce electricity.

And this end our Easter vacation.

We will visit this place again for sure. And do a bike tour.

We also stop by at Landshut for lunch and also a short city walk and lunch.

A pretty german town.

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