Jonas is 1

Time flies… and this time it feels even faster.

TH is away for a conference in San Diego so we pre celebrated J’s bday. I just given birth to him like yesterday and now he is 1.

Jojo is a slow crawler. He started crawling only after Easter. And now he is like a F1 race car.

He is really good with self feeding. He tries to feed himself all the time. And because he is a no. 2, he speaks faster.

When TH is home. He will papa up and down. And he makes my mom the happiest person in the world because he knows how to call her popo.

Like Julius, he is on the light side. And it sucks because he looks so chubby and he is actually light. Life is unfair…

He should be at least 10-12kg for a 12 month old baby but he is only 8.4kg. ? so we have to watch his growth again.

He is pretty easy. Independent coz his bro is high need boy. And because of that i do give him more attention still.

Happy birthday my baby boy. Be happy and healthy always!

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