*P.S I am not jobless.

Earlier this year, a fellow mother friend introduced me to a job at her current company. The company sits one street from where we lived.

Location is wonderful. Which means I can pick up the boys after work directly (2 mins drive) and it’s literally where we lived.

So after 10 years, i dug our my dusty old files and I rewrote my CV and cover letter.

Everything done, emailed it out and soon after, I got a reply, followed by an interview.

I was skeptical and worried of course. The company praise themselves as a family company… how good they are.

And then the online reviews(source: kanunu) of the company is terrible. The one good review was written by the owner himself to raise the bar of the reviews.

The company I work in is not perfect. But I have my freedom, my “power” and the comfort of my home.

So the change part is holding me… because I know if I want a new job, I need to work harder. Which is not a problem BUT as an engineer. And an engineer position, I can’t work FULL TIME. I already told the mummy friend, that I doubt they would employ me.

Anyway, I gave it a try. The interview went well. Talking about seeing me again, about contract and ok with working part time etc…

Then after 2 weeks, the HR called. Feeling sorry that they had to reject me because I can’t work full time.

I feel sad of course. Even though I know the chances are very LOW.

Oh well… at least I tried.

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