When is it the right time?

It is not a secret that we have been looking for a new home. For the last few years we have started looking for one. It is not an easy process. The prices are super high at the moment. Interest is low thus many people like us are also looking for one.

We are also particularly picky. TH would still be commuting to MUC via the train. We are not fix with that. We could get another smaller car as well.

I want at least 2 bathrooms. I really have no idea why aren’t there 2 bathrooms in a 5 bedroom house. If I am going to have at least 2 children. Don’t the children want/ need to shower as well? And I think it’s kind of stupid to wait in line when everyone is tired from a trip and take turns to shower.

A garden… the boys need space to run around and play. And we would be able to have lots of activities in the garden.

Maybe we started late with the house searching… the stress of not being able to pay up in 25years looms…

How do people even buy multiple properties and be happy.

TH said we spend too much on vacations. Isn’t it sad that we won’t be able to go on vacation??

Is it worth it?

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