Osaka, Japan

What’s there to do in Osaka?


M booked us directly at the famous food street don donburi. I would totally recommend where we stayed. Because of it’s location. The price is reasonable of course.

We did the standard thing like the boat trip. I went with Big J up the donki’s Ferris wheel. Well, it is restored after being shut down for a long time. And Ferris wheel is always nice but with growing age, I somehow kinda got scared of heights. And instead of the normal kind of Ferris wheel where you faced each other, we were sitting in series, beside each other. And the cabin rotated 180deg and suddenly you are facing outside. Anyway, it was kinda scary for me. But it was a nice experience and we bought the picture. Because it has been rare that I get to spend time with my first born after lil J was born.

So we eat and eat and eat… other than some sightseeing. Well, at least the children are over the Jetlag stage now.

We didn’t really do much research on where to eat. We decided to try their street food. As it still the new year holidays, there are a lot of famous shops closed. But none of the shops disappointed us. Even some random yakitori shop that smelt like cigarettes and stale beer served the best yakitori, we ever had.

Then we had some octopus balls, okonomiyaki again, the Osaka style. We preferred the Hiroshima version.

We had a lot of fun visiting the aquarium and had fun looking at the whale shark.

And last but not least… we met this guy…

Crazy and funny as he is on tv

Izakaya toyo- if you have Netflix, I’m sure you have seen him before. And this was the second time we went to the store and finally this round, he is open. And how happy we were. He saw that we had small children and he quickly got his staffs to get us a table near to the heater. And we ordered everything he had… everything is so fresh and good.

Tuna cheeks
Sea grapes… a dish that big J misses

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