How is everyone doing? We are currently into the midweek of Week 2 of school closure.
It is impossible to home office as well as having 2 children running around in the background. And constantly having one who lost his fight… the whining, the crying etc.
I am not sure how are you all doing it?`
TH is also home since this week and depending on his schedules, i start working earlier first while he babysits. And vice verse,
Mentally it is stressful for me because its is a 50/50 work and half arse efford for me. Then some days i start at 5am. Or stay up longer to finish up.
Tiring as well…. so lets do our part where ever you are and try to contain this virus asap so that we can have a normal life again.

Thanks to alot of homeschooling moms, i get their daily activities, their meals as inspriation…

Big J has his morning sessions then lunch, free play till around 230pm (while Lil J naps) and then he has his afternoon sessions where he complete the rest of the day’s task.
Every day he learns a new mandarin word (character) and a few pages of reading. Because he tends to forget easily, Each morning we repeat all the chinese character we learnt from the beginning, the day before and so on.
I think he is doing really well and the daily practice and the lockdown is making a huge improvement in this language for him. As we have much more time to learn it.

Take care peeps!

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