The last lap…

Winter has never been kind to me ever since I have children. It just seems to get worst… or maybe not. The boys have been getting sick really often. Jonas hasn’t barely recover from his runny nose, and yet caught another cough bug. Then it’s Julius’s turn. And back to TH and this it goes on and on.

Julius has been unwell since Monday. Then it went downhill from there. Fever of 39 and above. After the 3rd day, I brought him to get it checked. Oh well, good news is… it’s not HFM. We had that last Christmas. Thankfully Jonas is going strong. Still coughing and runny nose here and there but he is not affected so far. TH on the other hand has caught the bug and is having fever now.

I am very irritated right now. It’s work, it’s the housework, the constant of rushing here and there and the boys are really wearing me down. Trying to strike a balance? How is it possible, honestly.

When they are asleep, I go back up and try to work more just in case something pops up unannounced. Then it’s running down again because one of them is crying.

Everyday without fail, I get the boys ready, send them to school, get back home. Start work, clean house, prepare dinner, work more, do grocery, pick kids. Do something, go class, clean up, dinner, wash up and bed time.

Where is TH? He is already off to work before the children are awake. And home after they have gone to bed… so yeap… I’m basically a single mom.

Well, he does the cooking when he is home. Do I have free time then? Not really. One would be hanging onto me or they would be fighting. Or one would be crying….

I’m tired.

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