Random rants and posts as I cruise in this 4th dimension.

Snowy Saturday

The plan was to go the the weekend market to buy a fat pig pussy willow. It was pouring snow so we stayed home. I don't really want to drag 2 kids in the snow and go buy a plant. Big J woke up before 7am. Not sure if it's to piss…

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Day 25

Drop off this snowy morning.... And yes... my kid is still angry... mood swings. After I left him, I wanted to go for a good breakfast, then visit a fellow mummy friend, who hospitalize. I do not know the terms in English. Only in German. Basically she is those pregnant lady who has very short [...]

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Day 24

With everyone posting pictures of the CNY bakes. I am very very tempted. 😫 Bad thing is ... make already no one eats. What have I been up to... Community work. 😊 Yesterday, i and the boys went to Caritas to do spring cleaning. Together with the other mummies, we had to clean all the [...]

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What is… what…

Finally we got this site up and running again. It's not perfect yet, so be prepared to expect changes from time to time. Me? I just want to share my random ramblings, my few cents of views, opinions etc. (which can or cannot be taken seriously) And also a place…

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Day 22

Another chance for mala Xiang guo. This brand is much much better I have never eaten it in Singapore before. I assumed it’s like this. It’s not vegetarian... just that we like to have more Veg. I kept a portion of Aubergine and zucchini for this and the other portion for green curry. Finally, we [...]

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Day 21

Source: let’s play all day My dream children’s room... You don’t wanna see my living room coz it’s no where near that... Sometime last week, my boss stopped by before heading to Munich airport. I work for him for 10 years. He trained me well. He is in general a very nice person with super [...]

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Day 19

Big J’s music school teacher QUIT. Just read the letter from the music school. At 7am. Yup, my kids were are before that. Then I went to check mail, coz apparently my niece’s jacket was delivered yesterday. I hope it’s not my kid that made her quit. Made pancake with the older one. Then ate [...]

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