Play date without me

Today, big J went for a movie date... first time without me. ??? I picked him up 2 hours later. During the short 2 hours, TH and I quickly made these... Before baking After Still look pretty much like a pig. It's actually a lot of work. So I only…


Kuih Buhulu

Making more snacks for CNY and these tiny cakes are basically Chinese Madeleines. Kuih Bahulu Also known as 鸡蛋糕 (literally Cake with eggs) 5 eggs (large)150 g flour180 g sugar1/4 tsp baking powder (or 3 tsp soda water)1 tsp vanilla paste (optional)1 pinch salt Sieve and bake flour in the…


Day 24

With everyone posting pictures of the CNY bakes. I am very very tempted. ? Bad thing is ... make already no one eats. What have I been up to... Community work. ? Yesterday, i and the boys went to Caritas to do spring cleaning. Together with the other mummies, we had to clean all the [...]

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Temporary Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year isn't complete without some pineapple tarts. Pineapple Tarts (凤梨挞,黄梨饼) This is basically a two-step process: making the pineapple jam and the dough. Pineapple Jam1 Pineapple50 g Sugar (Adjust based on sweetness of pineapple)Dough250 g Flour125 g Butter25 g Sugar1 pinch Salt Pineapple JamPeel the pineapple, remove the…