Day 24

With everyone posting pictures of the CNY bakes.

I am very very tempted. ?

Bad thing is … make already no one eats.

What have I been up to…

Community work. ? Yesterday, i and the boys went to Caritas to do spring cleaning.

Together with the other mummies, we had to clean all the toys inside this room. And it’s a lot of toys.

Everything even the furnitures, the play cushions.

I took all the stuffed animals and clothing for the dolls back to wash.
(All the Dolls and babies are naked and freezing now)

Another cultural difference I realized….

Disclaimer first: not everyone is like that. I am very sure of that!!!

After undressing the kids, i told Big J to help me to line up the chairs. About 20 of them. Then we started wiping them down with vinegar and water mixture. (I don’t even do this at home)

By the time the rest came, I’m already done with the chairs, the slide for the ball pit, the shelves.

The rest came waddling in, small talk here and there. Eat cookie, clean, eat, drink, clean…

Change water, started with the cushions then change water again and I wipe the toys.

So they were so shocked that we are managed to clean up the whole room.

Lil J is bawling already so it’s time to go. He hasn’t napped the whole afternoon

I left the rest to finish up the 2 boxes of wood toys.

We got home at 630pm.Lil J is asleep in the car seat. Quickly cook for J.

I already made soup and cooked rice in the morning. Just need to stir fry beef with celery before TH gets home. And he is coming home only at 8pm.

Wash both kids down. And no ones want to sleep. 🙁

I’m so tired from the cleaning why aren’t they tired.

Kon Marie….

Spark joy???


Thank you….for keeping me warm….


Sorry….. I’m folding clothes… he is just learning.

My CNY theme learning corner…

I also want a book shelf but it’s not possible…

Dragon printable: source red ted art

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