Spring/ St. Patrick’s day theme

We don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s day in Germany, but that doesn’t really put a stop on us to make use of it and learn something.

Spring is my favorite season of all. After the long cold winter: everything starts blooming again, the birds chirping and the days get longer.

To welcome Spring,

We decorated our door again with colorful and bright flowers. We made some sun catcher too.

As you all know Big J loves water play and he loves rainbow too. So we talked about leprechaun, and finding pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And leading to doing this:

A simple water play.

You need:

Cotton balls (I have no idea why the German’s cotton balls are sooooo BIG, they looked so awful here)

Colored water( I used food coloring)


His rainbow… 

and where is the gold??? We continued our gold searching luck.

I printed this St. Patrick’s day maze from Education.com

After a detour, he managed to find the gold

He was totally excited when he saw the maze, so I think I need to source more of them for him. 

We are also working on his abc. To revise vocabulary. I also printed this picture- word matching exercise to match our spring theme. 

Spring is almost here so let’s this is the perfect time to work on our reading and vocabulary skills with this spring match up! Be sure and check out Education.com for more learning resources just like this!

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