It’s a crazy week

We had 2 snow storms this week. Other than the crazy wind. Weather is full, gloomy and wet. Which is pretty much typical for March and before Easter.

Since the holidays are over, classes start again. This week is pretty relax because there is music class but no mandarin class.

There is a new replacement music teacher. And phew! Big J enjoyed her class pretty much.

And it was then, I found out that his fellow classmate (also from the same kindergarten) has cancer since he was 1(wilm’s tumor- if you want to know more). He is 5 now. But not cancer free yet.

Wednesday was playgroup.


In the morning, i went breakfast with fellow mummies. Women are scary. They are considered my first german friends (not considering the uni one). Lots of gossiping and back stabbing. And now I’m in the VIP group because I’m UN(United nation). I’m the neutral one. They feel that I don’t stand up for myself enough. And told me I should say No. I must lie etc. I hate politics. I’m never good with playing such things. Too stressful for me because I think and I know I will think too much.

So why stress myself and make myself unhappy right??

And I told TH about it. He said they will say bad things about me when I’m not around as well. I said I know. Thus, I’m never chatty. Well, there is no common topics too. Different background, mentality and culture.

Maybe it’s just me that feel this way. I don’t feel that I click with them.

After I pick big J up from school. We went to the city.

I brought Big J to get his hair cut. 20€. I was shocked of course.

And today we had eye check up, teeth check. Then we take away lunch and came home after the appointments.

Lil J is suffering from teething… has been whiny, cranky and elevated temperature for a few days now. Hopefully those pearly break out soon. Poor boy.

Have a good weekend!

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