3. Sensory class – busy/ sensory board

We were asked to bring various item from home so that we can “basteln” (make) something.

If she had said earlier that it’s a busy board, It would be way easier for me to bring suitable things.

Anyway, I brought Aluminium foil, some covers from bottled food, pasta, Pom poms, feathers, cocks.

All the other materials

The children of course are allowed to play, feel, eat them.

Rattle… nah it’s too fun it nail it onto the board


Looking through the glass

Like i said, the in charge could have informed us that it’s a busy board and we could bring more related items.

For the below children 6 months, more suitable items would be different cloth like material- more texture wise for example. Less small flimsy items.

Children like Lil J who is sitting well- I think they need things that moves, making sound. Texture as well but things that they can tug and pull.

Older children would need items like door hatches, knobs, locks, zipper, a bike bell for example.

Playing with bells

My busy board

My board has texture items- Velcro, sponge, then the pom Pom and feathers for the visual (colonies), I have bells added to the pulling items so that they would make some sound. And added metal covers to it so that he can hit metal with metal to make a sound.

Maybe when he is better with his pincer, I can add the zips and locks to it.

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