Sensory class 2- shaving cream

It’s sensory class day again…

we were reminded to bring change of clothes and towels.

A big plastic sheet was spread across the classroom.

Is it water?

To my surprise… it’s shaving cream.

Each child is given a plastic container with some shaving cream to begin with… and a spoon…

Letting them feel the texture. The cold shaving cream, the slimy feeling…

The reaction from the children varies.

Some cry and cry, some were eating it, some were really enjoying it.

Then more were given… for them to play.

Let their feet feel the shaving cream as well…

And more fun to it???


They can even paint their first picture… if they want.

After 30 mins, lil J was already overly simulated. So most of us, washed up the children and left.

I highly recommend this for the bath tub and instead of shaving cream (older kids who don’t put everything inside the mouth immediately) , use whipped cream instead.

Throw in some water beads, some toys for more fun!!!

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