Sensory class

Lil J has no choice but to follow me everyday where ever I go. And to be fair to him and not just do big J’s things, I signed up for a course called discovering the world of sensors from the local VHS (which is CC/ RC equivalent in Germany)

The class is for children age 0- 2 years old. Which was pretty interesting because baby( children) this age has the biggest difference/ changes.

In class, there was a 3 month old baby. The oldest was Teddy who was 18 months old.

The first class was: smell, sight and sound.

Various sensory materials provided are rice, colored sugar, coffee beans, lavender, fruit tea, feathers, various beans.

Tools: cleared bottles, squeezed bottle (like those hand sanitizer kind)

Left is the bottle I made for sight… colorful objects.

Right is for smelling… where I put some coffee beans inside.

Old film bottle for smaller shaker, where I put some rice inside.

The teacher explained that with different materials the sound/ noise created is also different. Loud or soft…

for the child to explore.

Really simple things and it keep the child busy. And I bring them out so he can keep himself busy too.

Big J likes it too… so he has been busy with the bottles as well.

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