Really random

Guess what??? TH was home at 3plus yesterday. And we crossed our path at the entrance of the garage. He didn’t even tell me that he was coming home early. Said he was not feeling well… hmm…. manflu manbaby alert!

I did my usual thing. Pick up big J, sent A back home. Then we went to play group. Arrived early so I clean and pick up the trash in the car. The weather was beautiful and I wanted to go the the car wash but we still have lots of snow around and muddy puddles everywhere so maybe not.

Then the kids started to fight. We left earlier. Kids ate. And then all in bed by 7pm.

Big J slept at 4ish pm on Sunday. Woke up at 430am on Monday. Tuesday slept at 6ish. Woke up at 5ish am. And finally Wednesday…. and woke up at 6 ish. Today was 7am.

I’m so lack of sleep this week.

While other mother rant about feeling depress over their body, can’t hold a yoga position. Can’t this and that.

I am more practical. I just want some rest or maybe a long shower. Not even thinking about exercising and getting to pre pregnancy figure back. Or what ever life I used to have before having kids.

Am I depress?

Of course I am not. I wanted children. And they are my priority now. Figure or not… when they are more stable/ older. I can slowly start to exercise and get a life back. As of now… I just want to be a happy mom.

The sick hub prompt me to watch this… and it’s good!!!! It’s about Hakka food! And my great grandma’s home town is featured! Super cool. Super homely especially when I head Hakka. Then I asked TH if we can make some choy ban (can ban). Steamed rice flour dough with veggie fillings.

TH: your mom who is a very very good cook don’t even make it. You sure you can.

Me: yea. My waipo taught me before.

I called my dad to ask him to watch. And I’m going to try make choy ban. My bro, who was driving said. I buy for you la. Easier.

Why! No one is humoring me cooking idea.

Then it’s time to pick up kids and sent them to mandarin class. And the usual.

Bath both kids, dinner, then

While preparing cookie dough for chocolate chips cookie (with Big J) I got some heads up of some Dayre drama…

(something wrong with Dayre so didn’t had chance to read it the whole day)

the new Dayre saga.

Drama man….. I catch no ball.

Honestly, 350$ is a lot of money. I would rather spend it on a BKK trip. Not a cake. Got children poorer or not… it’s your problem.

Similar scenario, if I told my boss, hey please pay me more, I have 2 kids now. What would they think and say to me.

It’s your problem or mine.

Well, there will be always suckers who will pay over 350$+ for it. Just not me and not for a cake. Not matter how pretty it is or how beautiful the design/ butter cream is.



Since it’s a random post… I went for lunch with M. She is a mom from the playgroup, whom I’m closer with. She is pregnant. Over 40 and has GD and depression plus husband works in Allgäu during the week and the son is a bit handful these days.

Not that we are bestie. We meet up once a while and I listen to her problems.

At lunch, she was saying that her car was damage from snow falling from roof. Spare parts is over 550€. And insurance is not paying. She hasn’t work for more than a year now. Living on insurance and social money.

Then other hand after lunch, she asked if I can follow her to shop. The shop is 2 doors down. The clothings there are overpriced (nothing cheaper than 90€) and ugly. But they served you water or coffee etc that kind of exclusive shop.

So why buy things when that 100€ can be used on something else that needed more. And stop sending clothes to laundry service and save some money. Eating organic food doesn’t mean that it’s better.

I don’t even know how to help her.

And I met new English people! And So happened that we have signed up for the same gym class for baby.

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