Managing expectations

Finally the first week of CNY is over. Lil J caught some bugs.. coughing badly then cry coz cannot sleep properly. Puke. X 10000.

So the last few days the kids were in bed before 7pm. Coz I really cannot take the lack of sleep and whiny children.

I am donating a brownie for the kindergarten’s open house.

And looking for decorating inspiration for the boring chocolate brownies.

My vision

Our brownie

Thinking that it’s just melting white chocolate( I have some left over from Xmas) only, how hard can it be right to drizzle them over.

FML the chocolate harden so quickly and blocked the hole that I poke. And when I squeezed it harder. One big blob…. thus the monster eyes as cover up.

After the brownies are done. We went to check out bicycles. Spring is coming. The weather is getting better. Big J can get a better bicycle now and cycle to school. So we went for test drive. 14″ is too small. He needs 16″. No pasar Malam here to buy cheap Lao pok bike. 200€ for a bike that he is using for 2 years is pretty expensive IMO. And I don’t want to buy a puky.

Test driving a Scott

The shop is closing already so we will come back again Nx week to try again.

While big J is circling the shop, I did a body scan to get the “best fit” for a bike. TH kept pushing for a E bike. I find it too expensive.

The black one is a German Brand. Price is 2700€. 10 gears 500W

Or the white one which is Dutch. For 2400€ with 8 gears and 400W.

Honestly, I felt like an OMA (granny) cycling them. No kidding. But having kids sitting behind. They are more comfortable to cycle.

And yup… I have not decide yet. Coz i was thinking of getting new pair of eyes before going back SG too. And that is 5000€.

So how?

As usual, last night was a nightmare. I beg TH to shower faster so he can at least tame one kid. Anyway, puke and all… I managed to have a half arsed sleep.

Big J had to wake up at 655AM on a Sunday. Told him to go play on his own. Finally I managed to put Lil J down to sleep.

We made breakfast.

2 slices of cheese, 2 strawberry some cucumbers and cereal and a glass of milk.

He stamped all the cheese and cucumber himself while I had my coffee and bread.

When we was done, we play fishing game. And revise his mandarin. 1-10 and colors.

Lil J is also awake by then. TH continued to sleep.

Fishing is boring…. so we started the spring theme activity.

Sun catcher

I bought the wrong paper… it’s translucent but they curl up when it touches glue. I managed to solve it but it’s still not what I expect.

Some motor skill practice for him to cut up the transparent paper into cubes…

Then line up the papers layer by layer…

We had to let it dry up first before continuing coz the paper curls up so we had to get something to press it down.

It’s pretty no doubt.

Then I went around the living room picking up random stuffs. My kid decided to use my paper cutter to slice up good paper. So I had to make use of the paper he cut and made them into the rays of a sun.

And he also cut up some paper to make random stuffs.


Make a guess what it is….

The side view of it. It’s 3D.

Finally TH woke up at 11am. What a luxury eh… and he went to the kitchen and cook. I assumed it’s lunch for him.

Big J wanted to practice writing….numbers so he went to get the sheet to trace them. When I tried to correct him. He got angry. So I left him and brought lil J in for his nap.

He will learn it correctly one day… it’s not important at the moment so I let him just practice and recognize the numbers.

Current status:

English: 1- 40 ish

German: 1-30 ish (Kita is still doing numbers)

Mandarin: 1-13

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