Cultural difference…

This CNY i/ we decided not to join fellow Singaporeans for the reunion lunch in Munich. Sad and sorry to say despite most of them living in Germany for a long time. They still think that they are privilege, special etc.

I am really not interested in listening to your problem with why you don’t want to learn german. If you want a visa. Go do it. Simple as that. These aunties really have problems. No one forced them to marry a German guy and move over. Why complain and whine… now.

On Thursday, I sent the children to their chinese class. Gave Big J 2 mandarin oranges to give teacher when we entered. I prepared an Ang bao for the daughter too.

Despite we being chinese. Different region in China practices the lunar new year differently.

Northern China, they don’t give mandarin oranges when they do house visits. They bring boxes of sweets, cookies etc. like in HK as well.

And in south China, she said people give oranges or the plant.

Just like food as well, we eat salted dumplings. They eat sweet ones with dates inside.

Very interesting.


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