The Auntie in me…

So far no one has called me auntie yet. So what if someone calls me that?

There is another Singaporean in my town. He don’t live here. He live in Munich but comes here to teach music at the school as well as the music school.

I tried find him on Facebook. He is not in any Singaporean group. Then I had to find his surname through the music school website. So that I can invite him to join us for dinner someday. 自己人 (like family) mah.

So I know I will meet him at the music school on Tuesday. I packed him a box of pineapple tarts, the egglets, some cashew nut cookies.

And I told TH, what if he calls me “auntie”.

Yes that was my concern.

TH replied: you think u are still 小姐阿 ?(sister)

Me: I’m not auntie yet.

We greeted each other happy new year and I pass him the box. He was very surprised. All red and tear.

I told him to save my number so he can come over for dinner. He said he is very busy and don’t have time.


I’m glad I made someone’s day. And hopefully he don’t tell his family. A Singaporean auntie gave me pineapple tarts.


we got home, ate dinner, big J painted the snow green and up in bed.

That’s our first day of CNY.

Very very quiet.

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