A painfully long week

I have caught a bug/virus and it is taking awfully long to recover. Started all with body aches, then elevated temperature, runny nose, then fever, then all organs are being blocked, then coughing, then thick mucus, and all breathing holes being blocked… and continued.

It has been a week. And I’m still blocked. Fever is gone.

A mother do one take sick leave. TH did offer to stay home when i was feeling terrible. Then he asked painfully, if it’s ok that he don’t stay home because he has 2 important meetings and dialing in, isn’t that nice.

Go! Him being at home doesn’t make me feel better.

Anyway, pop ibuprofen and I’m as good as new.

Minimal work done this week. But I still need to send kid to class. And thankfully, there was only one class on Thursday last week. So it wasn’t that bad.

Big J needed match boxes for craft and so we bought matches… and now we have a lot matches at home. And no use for them.

I have 660 matches… any takers???

I got the kid today from school and his nose was bleeding…

After math

He was playing with a fellow classmate and they started pushing each other and then…. accident happens.

Said too much, said too often… they will learn one day.

Preparing for Fasching/Carnival/ Mardi Gras

Big J decided that he will be a doctor. He was a doctor last year too. 🙂

And lil J was his patient.

I was telling TH, hey, big J can bandage very well… he can be doctor next time…

TH: or a nurse, or an ambulance driver …

Me: yea…

Lil J caught the cough. Not so bad I think. Only a few nights of bad sleeps. Then big J also started coughing 2 days ago… and of course TH.

New update in the house was…. big J got his own bed. We transformed our bedroom into BEDs room.

We have a row of beds from wall to wall. So now each of us have our own sleeping space.

After talking to the housing agent… and being depress about the housing situation here, I think we would have to make our sleeping situation better for the moment. Thus the new bed.

Topic on our house hunt for another day…

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