Day 25

Drop off this snowy morning….

And yes… my kid is still angry… mood swings.

After I left him, I wanted to go for a good breakfast, then visit a fellow mummy friend, who hospitalize. I do not know the terms in English. Only in German. Basically she is those pregnant lady who has very short
Cervix. She is already on bed rest since she is pregnant. She already had one OP to sew up the cervix to prevent it from expanding.

Now the birth canal is also expanding. And she is only at week 26.

Bakery cafe was so pack so I didn’t grab any breakfast. I bought her a Krapfen (donut with filings – Fasching is coming) and left.

So basically she stays in bed till it stabilizes and trying to keep the baby inside as long as possible.

Every week counts.

Left when Lil J starts to fuss.

I did grocery for the week. And went home.

Didi power napped again and refused to sleep anymore so I had breakfast. Then let him play while I clean up the shelves, vacuumed.

I weighed and took out ingredients for my bake later.

Waiting for J to come home so he can do.

Lil J still refused to nap. So I continued cleaning. And prepared dinner.

Decided to go pick J up earlier before the postman comes.

Drove him and got home before the postman comes. ? I am waiting for an Aigle jacket, helped my sis to buy. And CNY’s clothes for TH. Only TH’s shirt came. Aigle probably sent a donkey to deliver it. It has been out for delivery since last Wednesday or so. ?

I have one machine that needs to be on the plane to Shanghai (if possible today).

And I have been calling the office to make sure everything works out. And guess what… it didn’t.

I think I need to SPELL everything out when working with the younger generation.

Do A never do B. Why la!

And why they have problem they don’t open the Golden mouth.

Who the fxxx design a freaking support beam that is 3m long. I’m sending the machine with a plane. It’s not even cheap.

Then now these smart ass go and order a special crate that is over 3m long. Wah lau, u no need to pay for it also use brain la. Air mail is freaking expensive. The price can fly my family back 2x.

Called the project leader, asked him if he knows about this special beam. And I want it shorten to 2m (Standard length) and the 1m should be screwed together with the 2m beam.

After lunch, called back to check if it’s done. And also asked if they have informed the people who build the crate.

Arghh!!! Please kill me. I know it’s Friday. The colleague who is in charge is on leave so they just left it till Monday.


They are having Chinese New Year and will be close till 11.2.

Which means if the machine don’t reach SH before 2.2. It will be in the airport till 13.2.

Best was… the older colleague said aiyah we confirmed it for the week 6 anyway. It’s not my fault that they ordered so late.

What kind of attitude is this.

And these newbie will just learn to be half arsed with all these bad influence.

And guess what. I am the evil person. Because I don’t follow SOP.

??I don’t work in the office with them. I think I would cane them for their mistakes and dumbness. And be a more serious alcoholic with high blood pressure.

Very cute picture of lil J while ft-ing le family.

My sister screen shot it.

And we made this….

Kuih Buhulu

Didn’t know it’s sooooo easy. Of course I don’t have the mould for it. I used a Madeleines mould.

It’s the same thing. Just one is French and one is asian (in a French body). Hahaha….

J decided to decorate them

Hehehe guess whooo

Just huat… ah!

Baking stop coz each tray is 8mins. And lil J is grumpy.

So going to make him sleep first.

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