Snowy Saturday

The plan was to go the the weekend market to buy a fat pig pussy willow. It was pouring snow so we stayed home. I don’t really want to drag 2 kids in the snow and go buy a plant.

Big J woke up before 7am. Not sure if it’s to piss me off or what. During school day, I had to drag him out of bed and on weekends and holidays. No fail.

I /we am/are very very lack of sleep the last few days because both kids caught my runny nose. So can’t breathe, can’t sleep properly.

Other than my cranky children, TH and I decided to try running a website again. We used to have one in 2003, where we store recipes and travel diary. Then shift here shift there, study, work, we neglected it and never got it back running again. The Good old travel memories…

For 2019, it’s a project for us. Something that we can work together, spend some time together (neglected each other since the we have children), making effort to keep the sparkles, rainbows and unicorns.

So the last few nights, we are up and testing the website. Doing changes etc to it.

It is actually nice, because we are awake working into the nights. 🙂 simple joy that we have missed doing something together. We used to watch series/ movies together and now we are so exhausted with work and the kids. We tend to fall asleep half way through. I’m not sure if it’s just us. We are terrible. Can’t remember which movie it is already that we always fall asleep after the first 10 mins. I’m not even sure if we actually finish watching it. I think we did.

This morning:

Finally I got out of bed, and went to make breakfast for the children. Letting TH sleep a little longer.

Big J wanted rice, soup and a hard boiled egg. Lil J had egg yolk. I had a prata with veggie curry. After we are done, I woke TH up for his breakfast. TH and 2 pratas with curry.

The day is LONG when you are stuck indoors.

So we did some activity I have prepared during the week.

The theme is still the Chinese New Year (a detailed post will be coming up soon)

I think, we tried to keep the traditions alive because we are living so far away from home. I think many people who celebrate Chinese New Year don’t even do all these reading anymore.

This year, I managed to get my friend to help me buy Chinese New Year books and mail them directly over from China. The books are amazing. I bought 3 books and actually wanted to give 2 away. In the end, we are keeping them because big J love them so much. All the stories are the same. The graphics are different.

We have read them at least 5-6 times now.

Side joke: big J is afraid of fire works, he is pretty worried about 年(nian) because he don’t dare to set fire works.

TH’s turn to read… I already read one round
Pop up dragon and lion dance

I made these dragon for him to train his motor skills. He is pretty weak removing this colored tabs. Now he is getting better. It trains his patience as well as motor skills. I adopted the idea from lnnally and the dragon was a free printable. 

After that I made the children nap and we both watched grand tour together.

When the boys are awake, we went outside to play. A bit of fresh air is good…

He did some snow painting. It’s blue food coloring.

We came back inside after he got really wet.

So that’s how we spent our Saturday.

What about you ?

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