Day 19

Big J’s music school teacher QUIT. Just read the letter from the music school. At 7am. Yup, my kids were are before that.

Then I went to check mail, coz apparently my niece’s jacket was delivered yesterday.

I hope it’s not my kid that made her quit.

Made pancake with the older one. Then ate and then fed the younger one.

TH taking his own sweet time to poop and dress up. And not even done when Big J was already dressed up.

Didi is cranky coz no body made him wake up at 7. Changed his diaper. TH half dressed is chilling outside. While I’m trying to change and handling a bawling baby.

It’s 9am and I’m exhausted.

After didi napped and woke up, we went out for Lunch.

Then didi nap again

The museum tired him out too…

Milestone unlocked. First time this one pass out while doing supermarket runs.

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