4D3N @ Lipno Marina part 1

Warning: really long post!

I’m sitting behind so M can sit in front.

Day 1

Check in is after 2pm, so we depart at 0930, pick up M at Regensburg 1015 and drove to somewhere in Austria for lunch and grocery.

1430 arrived at Lipno

Check in and R&R

Inspect room… do up the beds and chase everyone out to explored the resort, walked along the lake and back. Then went for beer and cake at the marina.

Headed back to wash up, I fed the boys and we went out again shortly before 630.

Reserved a table for dinner at 1830.

M took picture of the food, we had beetroot salad (this is upsetting, it is as if the salad came right out of the can for 95czk, which is ca. 3€) Soup was good.

TH had ribs, M had some meat dish, I had burger, we had corn as side and Big J had fries. 3 beers and ice cream later for Big J.

Then back to the apartment. Where I bath the kids, then put the smaller one to bed. Then we took turns to wash up.

And we had wine and played cards.

Big J learnt “KNS”. TH scolded M that and he picked it up. And asked me what it meant. ?

We played uno (M brought them).

Big J learnt it quickly and decided that the wild card is the best. And decided that he should only have wild cards in his deck.

Then M decided that it’s time for us to have supper. And he cooked that crazy spicy korean brand noodles for us to try. Mala flavor.

Edible and not as spicy as the 2x. I had to drink milk. And I think my tachycardia came back.

lights out

Day 2

Mee pok Breakfast with Leberkäs

Best breakfast ever! Thanks to M.

Then we went for our hike. The weather is really nice and warm. And we decided to save money on the bus (ski lift is closed) so we hiked up. It’s just 2x Bukit timah hill only.

Not suitable for young children who hates walking. Just take the bus. Coz there was this child who really cry all the way up.

The view… it is steep… don’t get cheated.

Leftover snow…

Had to distract the whiny kid. So told him to get a walking stick. Then told him at the next bend there is a lot of bunnies, and all sorts of rubbish.

TH did carry him 1/2 times along the way.

Look at the view…

Finally we have arrived!!! I had 2 terrible burst blister because I wore the wrong socks. TH quickly removed his and gave them to me.

Super touch! I didn’t want to wear his socks because it’s kinda gross but I decided not be be an idiot coz it’s painful.

We already bought tickets to enter this structure. So no queuing for us.

There is also bike rental, a restaurant (ski Hütte style), a playground, hotel there.

Inside there are info boards about birds in the forest (sadly all in Czech) and various obstacle courses.

Kid decided that it’s safer for him to walk on the side than with M on the beam. Ahhaa…

finally at the entrance . There are also a lot of photo points, where you can use their tripod provided. Both for camera and smart phones.

You can also choose to slide down for 50czk. We didn’t because the min. Age was 6 and Big J is still too young.

At the top…

look closely at the trees, it’s pine trees. And this is how pine cone looked like at the branches.

I have never seen them hanging on trees before. So I was really excited to see it.

After that we had beer and ate some food at the restaurant before heading downhill through the mountains (not so steep).

Which ends our 2. Day because the kids and TH napped. And instead of waking up for the next activity at 4pm. We chill at home and went dinner after that.

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