Easter vacation


TH couldn’t take more AL (annual leave) due to work load and also work trip so we only had a 4D3N trip to plan. Not sure of where we should go and do, M decided to do the planning and the researching. He gave us 3 choices, 1. France (5.5h) , 2. Some farm in Bayern (3h) 3. Czech (3.5h)

We chose Czech. Why?

There is a lake and mountains. I’m so dying to be outdoor. And waters is always a plus.

And It is a holiday house(chalet) resort like centerparcs, this is also by a Dutch company called Landal.

I have never tried feiernwohung (chalet styled) holiday before. I have only heard of centerparcs from colleagues with children. Never understood the attractiveness till I have children.

It is pretty popular for family vacation and no harm trying something new. If it’s bad. It’s just 3 nights, I thought.

One good thing about this resort is that all the activities are all within walking distance and NO vehicles except at the car park. And the carpark is right in front of the apartment.

This is an important point for me especially when I have 2 active boys. No vehicles less risk. What I like about this place is that every restaurant has a huge playground. Even those outside of the resort area. Every 500m there is playground, sand pit, table tennis, exercise machines(like those under the hdb) etc. The children can cycle freely along the marina. And we can eat in peace. There is a children club too but we were there too short to check it out.

The chalets facing the marina.

It’s the Easter long weekend. It’s not crowded IMO. The weather was extremely awesome thus TH is suffering a lot due to hay fever.

We usually have 2 main activities in a day. Then either we stay in the apartment for the children’s nap or I wear lil J when we are out.

There is a fully equipped kitchen (more equipped than ours at home) inside so we are able to do some cooking. Supermarket is also within walking distance. If you don’t want to cook. You can go out for all the meals. So far the places we have dined in are good. The prices are also reasonable too.

We got a double storey 2 bedrooms apartment. I’m not sure how old this place has been. It is definitely not brand new. The balcony is also big enough to have meals outside. There is a big round table and 4 chairs outside as well.

We were there too short to eat at the balcony.

These photos are taken before we check out.

dining area

living room


bed room 1

Bed room 2

tiny toilet


The bedrooms both comes with a 2 door cupboard where you can store the clothings.

There is only 1 bathroom and a separated toilet.

Please do not expect a 6 stars hotel style of furnitures/ bathroom.

I would give it a 3 stars hotel rating.

It’s simple and enough. The beds are all spring box, which is comfortable.

You can pay some money for amenities aka towels, groceries, toiletries and the bed made etc.

I prefer to use the money for food. So we brought our own towels and toiletries and did the bed ourselves. The sheets are all provided of course. They are all nicely sealed. So it’s definitely clean.

I think towels etc is 10€ each, Kitchen tea towels soap, 6€ and bed made is 10€ each.

We are too thrifty for that.

We bought grocery in Austria (30 mins) before arriving there. We didn’t plan any heavy cooking (because I am on holiday) so it’s milk, snacks, wine, water, cucumbers (kid likes).

But I did pack cereal for the kids, tea for us, some instant noodles.

We had breakfast at home. The other 2 meals are outside.

Guess how much did we spend for a 4D3N trip including petrol, grocery, entry ticket and the stay?

All the meals and stay is split 3 ways. We paid for grocery and petrol. And it total up to about 300€ (450$S)

Big J enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to leave. So we are planning for a 7days trip next time.

4days is really too short. We wanted to rent bicycle and ride around the lake and didn’t managed to do it. So it’s put to the next time.

The price for the accommodation is 240€ (3 nights) and for the quality we are getting. I think it is reasonable. Everything is clean, no moulds, no stains, utensils and crockery are all clean.

It clean enough that I don’t need to wipe down the apartment.

The toilet and bathroom as well. No smell no stains.

Like I said, it is a 3 stars hotel equivalent standard.

My next plan is to try out centerparcs. But they are so expensive. Their accommodation itself is x 3 more.

For the children i would try camping. I did it once at Bodensee. I cannot stand the common toilet. So i would definitely vote for this type of stay. At least I won’t feel that a holiday would cost me a kidney or so.

P.S We got a 10% ikea staff’s rebate for the accommodation. (Friend’s benefits- so in case you all wanna try. Please let me know so I can get the code for you all too.)

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