Toy review: Bosch drill set from Klein

Disclaimer: I bought 2 sets of the Bosch toy drill set myself. #notsponsored

Last Monday, we were invited to Big J’s classmate Sevi house for a play date.

1. Play date from kindergarten’s friend. (Boy from the same group/ class)

I brought cakes so we can have tea together. Not sure what I was expecting because my kid’s mood is like PMS. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. In my heart, I pray for a drama/ fight free play date.

Where they live is really cool. The house owner has goats and chicken as PETs. So for city kid like me its ???. Free petting zoo everyday.

The view is awesome. An empty green fields.

We sat outdoor while the kids play with sand. She has 2 boys too. Sevi is 4 and Felix 3 later this year.

And then came the power tools toys. Because they live around farms, the kids grew up loving tractors and various farm vehicles. So their toys are all vehicles.

She saw that Big J is so interested in the drill and brought out this tractor for him. You can dismantle it with the drill and assemble it back again. ( I, myself was having a lot of fun with it. Especially with the over torque)

Super clever.

And big J love it so much. That when we got into the car and head home. He asked if I can buy him one too. I replied: I will think about it.

While I make lil J sleep, I googled it.

Big J wants the exact same drill that Sevi has. ? it comes with tool box and without. Price wise: 14€/ 19€

And the drill set is Boring IMO. And I don’t want to buy the tractor for 30€ because after a while you will be bored with dismantling and assembly.

And I found this set.

This set comes with and without the ixo (mini hand drill). Price wise: 20€/ 25€. I bought the one with drill so Lil J can have one too to prevent fighting because it’s getting more often that they fight over the same toy. (Yes, didi has no teeth, can’t crawl but a character)

107 parts for less than 30€. I think price wise it’s ok.

The part that I don’t like is that it’s all plastic.

What else do I want right, for that price.

This is what he do after breakfast.

Teebee box is holding up all the various parts because he wants to bring it along for the trip.

Not sure what he is “inventing”.

As long as it keeps him busy. I’m ok with it.

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