Double standard?

Often said/ heard that daddy are more slack when taking care of children. Of course, there are exception and it’s definitely not in my family.

The time we get to spend with our children is very limited. And thus, i really try to keep my phone away when I’m with the children.

When I asked TH to take care of them, he is busy “playing game” on his phone while the boys sit in front of him.

Or they start watching the iPad/ tv together. Yes lil J watches whatever big J and TH are watching.

And when I start to nag or tell TH off, he often get very annoyed and defensive.

Is it wrong for me to make noise?

I am not a perfect mother. But for me, if I am working 5 days a week and have that 1h before the children’s bedtime. I would put the phone away and spend some time with them.

Last Friday, I took 3h off my mummy’s duty and attended a class. Yea, instead of sports or spa. I attended a class.

TH was supposed to cook dinner, merely fried veggie as we have KFC from lunch, feed the boys and put them to bed.

The class ended early. I was home at 8pm instead of 830. Both are still away. Big J is watching iPad. lil J was crying. Hungry, tired.

He quickly went to cook noodles for big J. I fed lil J his dinner, wash him up and put him to bed.

Then big J.

After that TH complaint that his back hurts. Because he was carrying lil J for the last 3h. Well, my normal day wasn’t much different to be honest. There are times where I need to cook and couldn’t put him down. I had to carry him.

And all the school run as well, him and the maxi cosi. That’s 20kg at least.

I don’t hear myself complaining? My back hurts, arm and neck as well. Do I have a choice?

No, do I?

And I clean the house, cook as well.

Super woman???

All women are doing the same thing like me. And I’m not the only one. But who knows how our day is spent?

I love my children. And for them, I’m doing it.

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