Packaging no thanks…

My Sis in HK sent us CNY stuffs. It’s a yearly affair even though I said we don’t need anything (coz she express air mail it over and it’s very very expensive). I know it’s her way of showing her love for us. Because it’s filled with things that Big J love.

She didn’t dare to buy so many egg rolls because of the recent scandal of cancerous substances in Wing Wah stuffs.

And she threw in this…

I made her keep it for me so that I can use it for Fasching. It was her Halloween costume. I think it was Halloween. So TH can wear it for Fasching. And guess what….

the school cancelled the Fasching celebration. Only one day they will have an internal party.

I’m not from Greenpeace. I am definitely also not some eco freak.

Recently someone I followed on IG posted proudly of her fruits from japan. And my heart cringes when I saw the packaging especially styrofoam around A single strawberry. (Picture below was from google).

I know that the Japanese takes pride of their produce. The amount of plastic they used are just not acceptable when rest of the world are trying to reduce packaging.

I certainly do not need my fruits to have bumper on them. Even if they are bruised. I still eat them. And the amount of cling wrap.

Yes they recycle. What about those country that they export to and don’t recycle???

Out of sight out of mind?

This month’s magazine from deutsches Museum talks about waste. What happened to them and how much waste do we produce daily.

Following pictures are from The magazine.

this is how our waste is being sorted…

This is what happens to it.

Maybe it’s just me. Too long in Germany and the trouble I have to dispose plastic waste and now I am constantly trying not to buy things that comes in a plastic box or has packaging.

Everyone needs to be educated… and you can be the educator as well.

One day we will be really drowning in our own waste. And think… why didn’t we start earlier.

New awareness in our supermarket. Ugly fruits can also be eaten.

First step to many…

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