4 years 2 months old

Or 50 months old… like so old already.

If we are not rushing for time, we will try to take the bus to class. Because it’s certainly more comfortable. No need to find parking and spend money on parking.

Since we are 10 mins too early. I let Big J go into the playground and play. Reminding him not to wet his clothes because he has no waterproof pants on.

We used to come to the playground so often. I think I should make the effort to bring him here on Friday. (Our only classless day)

The only way to get up to the slide is by walking across the rope. There are 2 parts to it. The first section is lower and easier and it was easy for him.

It took him quite sometime to pluck up his courage to cross the second rope.

Usually he would ask for a hand or carry him across.

Yesterday, he did it well!

After class, we went to the bookshop to buy a present for Athena. ( her bday is on Monday- and we are not invited to her bday party. I still think it’s nice to give her something small)

And since we have 20 mins to spare.. he gets to go playground again.

I’m standing outside of the playground coz didi is sleeping in the stroller. So he slowly play on his own.

It’s interesting that here, you don’t need someone to teach them how to cross the obstacles.

The kids figure it out themselves or by observing the older children.

This beam has no rope for him to hold. So he managed to figure out that walking/ running over is tooo dangerous coz it’s pretty high up. But sitting and crossing it would be a safer option for him. And he did. and he cross and cross… at a very slow pace until I told him. Ok we got to go before we need to wait another 30 mins for the next bus.

During his “river crossing”, he asked me to stand closer to him so I can carry him when he falls.

After that i taught him what he should do if he slips.

I’m so proud of him that he is able to cross the beam himself. At least trying. And telling (expressing to) me that he is scared.

And a cold chocolate drink to end the day while waiting for the bus.

I think he misses the outside mummy time. We used to be outdoor so often. Now with Lil J I don’t know how to handle 2 of them in the playground.

throwing snowballs at me…

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