6 years just went by just like that. Looking back at the old…

6 years just went by just like that. Looking back at the old pictures…Wow… somehow he lost all the baby fats… he was still chubby and cute last year Finally it is his birthday. He is/was and still is excited and happy because 1 year is a long wait… and he finally got his birthday present….which he wished for and waited 6 months for it? 😬 It is a bow and arrow… (too much minecraft) Anyway, i didn‘t get him the toy s‘ rus one. I brought him to Decathlon. 😬 He got the target set (comes with bow and arrow too), he chose a blue bow (jr. Bow) …. And i took to learner set (10€) just in case he cannot handle the jr. bow. So in total we have 3 bow and arrow set. Why so many? Because we have 4 boys. This week is the busiest week because we have sommerfest then maifest then football and all the extra extra stuffs and TH has hackathon and allergy🙄. Then we couldn‘t celebrate much yesterday because he had football… lots of tears…. But i also bought him his fave hipp cake to cheer him up. The night before i prepared the waffle dough so that he can have waffle and ice cream too and baked their fave bandung chiffon cake (aka leberkäs cake) and his birthday tee as requested. To my sweetest boy, accident prone as you are…. May u be happy, healthy always. To all the uncles and aunties, families and friends, Thank you for all the well wishes, calls and presents. #the3js #middlechild

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