Home office…

other than covid, corona… staysafe, home office should be the world of 2020.

Hmm…. I have a home office job since 2016. And i know how hard it is and how discipline one must be, Home office is not easy because 1. there is no proper office space (for many people and families out there.) 2. Proper furnitures, equipment. (In case you think that i have a proper office… no i don’t, for the last 4 years, i am using TH’s old dinning table from HD. Its a 140cm long, where it is packed with 2 monitors(self bought), my company’s laptop. Then lockdown happens, TH just shifted my stuffs over to my old dining table from CR(those who stayed over my place would know). The small square table is like 90x 90 and i just got dump to the other side of the room. He didn’t even asked me… in the first place… (roll eyes) Anyway, for months, i cramp myself on the dinning table with the dining chair that came with the table. got downgraded in my own office… 🙁 Anyway, wrist started to hurt due to wrong posture, height.

I think after the lockdown open up again, we went to buy a proper desk chair for myself. Then suddenly, TH’s company started selling office furnitures at really cheap prices. So we bought 3 office desks, 3 office chairs. And since home office is going to be more permanent. He got another monitor back and now, i am upgraded again to 2 monitor. Super drama with my home office… misery with him at home.

I talked alot on the telephone and TH is always in a meeting… so it is really annoying because i can’t work properly… and so half ass… here and there. Then the boys are home as well. Which means we have to take turns to keep them occupied and quiet… while we have meetings at the same time. gosh… it IS hard.

Day after day… finally the school term starts again… and how grateful we are that they are allowed to go back to their social life. While i get some work done during the day. And enjoyed the bit of peace before they ransacked the house again… x repeat.

Our joy and peace was short lifted…. shortly before the christmas vacation… lockdown 2.0 begins… and they were home again as well continued our daily craziness.

Well… it does get better. We are able to live together properly without anymore major drama. Everyone has their own ipad. Their snack boxes and drink… it should keep them quiet for some time.

How has this pandamic treated you? For us, everyday we are grateful that we are in Germany and also we work for companies who are the few that are NOT affected by this pandamic. My company is doing extremely well. Due to the increase needs for hygiene products. TH is in the Pharma so.. no need say.

For him, the not travelling to work is amazing for him and of course the boys enjoy their time with him. Big J is enjoying his company more especially when he gets to play the computer game too.

Happy Holidays !

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