CNY is coming finally…

As usual no “feel” here. And I’m exhausted from the cold, lack of sun and air and everything else.

Yesterday, we managed to throw the recycled bags away. Then bought pussy willow which is called palmweide here. Wiki said that it’s used for Palm Sunday. Why I have no idea.

And finally donated our old clothes to the second hand shop. I took them out before Xmas and it was closed. So kept them in the cellar till yesterday. TH said our clothes are very new compared to those that are sold there.

We have also completed the activities for cny. Now I can change the display to something else.

4 days a week i am picking kid and sending him to classes. Soon I have 2 kids to send them for classes. It’s tiring. So I told TH I’ll get burn out with all the hectic.

Pick up send to class, then I need to rush home to cook, wash them up plus house work and work work.

I told the chinese teacher, maybe we do it once a week instead. Less taxing. And maybe 1:1. Coz the kids run around during the lesson and it’s really waste of money.

The progress is excellent because I’m forced to revise with him at home. And thus I will still spend the money. It’s not cheap but if I’m lazy, no choice.

We wanted to go library and it was pouring snow outside so we stayed indoors. TH made Kaya toast and half boiled eggs for breakfast.

Lil J refused to nap so I made big J do his music class & Chinese’s class homework.

I can feel my BP rising…. he is so distracted. Every 5 sec he is looking else where. Until I took the cane out. (Don’t judge me)

And he sat and finish his work.

It’s just 5 mins work. Also took an hour to get done.

Nx time go pri 1 already how?

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