Day 21

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My dream children’s room…

You don’t wanna see my living room coz it’s no where near that…

Sometime last week, my boss stopped by before heading to Munich airport.

I work for him for 10 years. He trained me well. He is in general a very nice person with super complicated private life. How I know all these? During my training, We will do go from customer to customer for days. And inside the car I just listen.

1. He is married (separated 2x and is back with the same woman) but no children.
2. He has luxury problem. (German who are brand consciences, dressy and only wears branded)

When I first got my apartment. He asked if I want a sofa bed from Lignet roset. (No idea what that name was) Free one of course. Why not.

Coz the wife said the color don’t match the house anymore.

Then at London subway, we saw the price of the sofa.


TH and I were ???.

No idea why they bought it… coz it’s the same as the IKEA one that TH has. And only 10% of the price.

I always get my food and expenses reimbursed. Coz his motto was… we worked hard. Or else according to german law, from the 24€ allowance I have to pay 4.80€ for breakfast during work trip. Or my boss says order the MOST expensive dish.

My stupid boss came into my tiny apartment and said….

V: “Wow, this is not very you”


What is he trying to imply.

Me: yea, it’s my kids

V: you are normally very organized, what happened.

Me: I have no space, can’t you see. ?

After he left, i had this very sour feeling.

I’m being judged. Nothing to do with work competent. Just that from being single (not living with TH) working adult (hardly at home) to a SAHM with 2 kids. The apartment is obviously a Mega change.

You think I like having miss matched furnitures? (Half of the furnitures belongs to the owner)

You think I like toys in the living room? (That the only Space we have)

And NO, I also don’t like toys lying everywhere.

So it will be sometime before we find something new. Till then. I have to live with what I have now.

Spring cleaning

starts after 腊八(I had to google the meaning of it after reading the Chinese New Year books we got).

My family don’t celebrate la ba. Too chinese already I guess. We do have the kitchen god tradition thou.

Have you all started with cleaning???

I have been throwing away packaging. Original LEGO/ duplo boxes. And other boxes… I like to keep toys in their original box if possible.

Anyway, toilet is done. I don’t have 10 bottles of shampoo etc.

After the kids went to bed, I packed the kitchen last night. We only have 2 drawers. So it’s not that difficult. Rearrange the dried food, filled up the half full bottles. This morning I vacuumed and wiped them after breakfast.

Took out sea cucumber to soak and fish maw.

Left 2 shelves for the glass wares.

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