Toilet training 2.0

2 weeks ago, lil J told TH ” papa, eh eh…”

TH wasn’t sure if he heard wrongly or not. Quickly brought him to the toilet and put him on top of the potty. And indeed…

Freshly baked, it laid there…

Lots of praises, cheering and claps for the first gold in the pot.

Looking back at how I started potty training with Big J and the amount of books/ blogs/ tip and all…

The best tip would be don’t rush, listen to your child.

How come it is so fast this round???

I suspect Lil J is used to hearing “eh eh” and “pee pee” from big J. And he also observed what we have been doing a lot.

Another tip that I learnt from a mom is that begin with a routine, let them start with a habit of sitting at the potty before going to bed for example. Asking them if they want to go to the toilet…

When big J was about 18 months (spring time), I started to potty train him.

I gave in to stress and peer pressure.

“Is J toilet trained yet?”

“How come have not start?”

So I blindly started and rushed big j on toilet training. By 18 -20 months, he is didn’t do his big biz anymore in the diapers. I thought it was OCD.

The pee pee part took us 2 years long. He went into regression and we stopped because it was stressful for all of us.

End of the story, he was just not ready.

I know everyone wants and try to be perfect. But is it really necessary?

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