6. Sensory class – Easter hunt

The class today is more relaxing. Not much learning BUT we had an Easter egg hunt. And it’s really fun for me because I have never had one before. Yes… so sua ku (noob) right?

I was indeed super excited. ???

Everyone of us had to bring something for the Easter’s buffet.

Some brought cake, fruits, chips, cheese, I brought veggie sticks with Greek yogurt.

Well, the children are supposed to try them you see. So I brought things that I would feed my child.

The buffet:

of course it’s so much nicer when the kids can already walk. So I think I will do one for big J.

Lil J first Easter egg hunt.

He quickly realized that it’s FOOD and put the green egg into his mouth. I had to dig it out. And he was so angry with me.

I unwrapped and gave him some of course.

Happy Easter!

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