All healthy again

Lil J caught some nasty virus. Over the weekend, he had fever over 40C. And gotten Bronchitis as well. Then runny nose full blown.

We were running to the PD every other day. To make sure that he is getting better each time.

And since it’s a virus. There is nothing we can do. He got inhaler to open the lungs and free the mucus. Because he was coughing so badly that he kept puking.

Then nose drops too.

The fever never stops. So we had to make sure that it don’t turn to bacteria infection, we have been running back to the PD every other day. And testing blood each visit is really horrible.

And finally no more “peep” in his lungs. And if his fever breaks. We don’t have to go back anymore. And indeed. The last visit was Monday.

My smiley baby is back!

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