Not sure what to do this holiday??? Check this out!

I try to engage J in various learning methods, usually according to his
current interest/mood. Currently, it’s numbers including addition, and
subtraction. I asked my trusted bestie Google for printables, how to
interest him in numbers, etc.

Then I found this….website…or rather it’s made known to me.

Some examples of their lessons available online. And I chose one with

They have learning plans, printables, and the best of all
(iPad/tablets/online) GAMES that kids can play and learn while

If you have no idea how to engage your kids, just follow
the suggestion they offered. For me, I get some inspiration (brain dead
due to lack of sleep) then look at what materials I have and improvise
it according to my child’s need.

With Our current house pet Gaston… We managed to find some “themed”
materials that has ladybugs in it too.

You can also find activities like Mazes on the website. I chose this
maze because the theme fits with our house guest Gaston the ladybug.

Learning numbers is easy with various activities like these. This is
about recognizing sequences… and seeing patterns. I made J count when
he dot the caterpillar.

Practicing numbers… And today we ended the chapter of 1-20.

Don’t stress the child with counting. Baby steps. It’s really easy when
they understand the concept.

I start with baking and grocery shopping.

Me: J can you check how many eggs we have left?

J: 4 eggs mama

Me: we need 3 eggs for the cake

J: oh then u have one left.

It just comes naturally. So no stress. Include numbers in daily life
like counting the steps from the lift to the door for example. Or ask
him to get 2 apples.

Free online games

These games are programmed to be short and

So parents can control their screen time.

Double win for me because J likes cooking. So games like this (and it’s
free) where he can can play and learn at the same time. 👍🏼

At the end of the short game, he gets stars…

This is more difficult for beginners. He has
to be fast to get all 3 stars.

Another game we tried was spotting ducks.

To relax the brain, after learning.

Update: here is the link to the games: 

P.S J is no genius. He knows numbers after he was 2. Because he wants to
read the time. So he memorized it. TH said. Now I think we can say that
he understands 1+2 or 4-1 or why 2 comes after 3 etc.

No stress if
the kid is not interested. Just try then stop and try again.

Just a few cents of my learning experience with J. 😬

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